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Terms and Conditions (GTC) Roomsearch24


By placing an order on the Roomsearch24 the Client agrees to the following terms and conditions. A contract does not require any form, it comes from the fact that our activity is claimed. Acceptance of our brokerage services, or our tender specifications, as well as evaluation of evidence given us meet the state of a brokerage contract coming to these terms and conditions.

1. We undertake to process the orders with the care of a prudent businessman and all documentation – to the extent compatible with the implementation of the order – confidential.

2. Claims for damages are to us, with the exception of negligence by intentional or grossly negligent actions, excluded. The offers are not binding, as we cannot take any responsibility for a sale or intermediate rent.

3. The client agrees to treat our information and documents in strict confidence. Obtain a third party by the customer or the beneficiary or with his approval note of this information and passes the third party thereby closing a deal or other economic advantage, as the for passing charge is to replace the lost commission committed without our hand, proof of damages requires.

4. A direct contact with the contractor (or prospective owner) may only be carried out with our consent. Of direct negotiations and the content of which we are without being asked to teach.

5. Is the client the property presented by us is already known, he has this, enclosing a proof to us in writing without delay at the latest within five working days. Otherwise, the client can no longer rely on such knowledge. For single orders of any previous knowledge of the client object (prospective) is irrelevant. In this case, the appropriate commission pursuant to these Terms and Conditions shall be paid to us.

6. We are entitled to deploy a commissionable activity also for the other party.

7. With the completion of our by detecting and / or our brokered purchase, lease or other contract, the agreed evidence or commission is earned on the day the contract was concluded, due and payable. For delayed payment, interest shall be payable. As a rule, the commission is 3% of the purchase price achieved plus the applicable value added tax or in private Wohnraumvermittlung two months ‘rent plus the applicable VAT and business mediation three months’ rent plus the applicable VAT. In addition, the locally customary commission rates apply. Commission claims to still be preserved if at least one same economic-purpose business comes about and thus a comparable economic success is achieved (eg through a forced sale) or a business is carried out due to our procurement activity only after the brokerage at a later date. The claim is also, once the transaction is carried out instead by the contracting authority itself entirely or partly by his spouse or close relatives or relatives or those natural or legal persons who are with him in company law, contractual or economic relations nearby. Entitlement exists even when the concurrent causation the broker is given.

8. The customer is obliged to immediately inform us in writing to put a contract in knowledge and send us a copy of the contract and all ancillary agreements relating thereto, insofar as they are for the calculation and maturity of the brokerage fee of importance. Verbal agreements of this kind are to give us immediately known

9. Any other arrangements obtained only by our written confirmation validity.